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Victorian federal redistribution finalised

June 30, 2021 - 09:30 -- Admin

The Australian Electoral Commission yesterday announced the final boundaries for Victoria for the next federal election.

I don’t have any detailed or complete analysis because they have not published any maps or data, just descriptions of the changes.

They have made changes to 13 seats compared to the draft boundaries, most of which are seats in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, along with some changes in western Victoria.

The AEC also decided to abandon plans to rename Corangamite to Tucker. The existing name will be retained. This is the second time that the AEC has attempted to retire this name and have seen a backlash lead to Corangamite’s name being restored in the final map.

The other change I wanted to note was that most of the population changes between Higgins and Macnamara have been reversed. In particular, the suburbs that have the most concentrated Jewish population in the state have been put back in Macnamara after being moved to Higgins in the draft proposal.

This should be distinguished from the Victorian state redistribution, which is due to release the draft proposal later today.

I will return to the Victorian federal redistribution when the maps are released in late July.