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It just feels... so good.

May 24, 2022 - 18:31 -- Admin

I will probably write a proper piece about the election for ASB later this week, but I thought I’d just note here how much... lighter... I feel since hearing Anthony Green say sometime on Saturday night that he could not see a path to victory for the government.

It just feels... so good.

And every time I think the feeling might be waning I remember that someone like Eric Abetz lost their seat, and the warm fuzzies come flooding back. My only real disappointment is that Dutton got up again. He really is the monster you cannot kill at the end of the movie. Still, given what actually happened on the weekend, electing him leader probably guarantees the Coalition wanders through the wastelands for 10 years to come.

I really do need to stop joy-scrolling my newsfeed, however. I have work to do. Deadlines piling up. Bills to pay. But every time I try to settle down to work, my mind drifts back into the state of mild euphoria in which it has been basting since mid evening on Saturday night.

Part of it is watching the Murdoch media make things worse. Their whole business is culture war, of course. It is literally their business model now. They don't have anything else. And you can see the desperation in their eyes as they try to bully the surviving liberals into sticking with the plan. But of course that's their plan. That's how Rupert keeps making untaxed profits. It's just not a very good plan for the libs to get back into power.

Because of this, I hope they really, really pay attention to the butthurt rantings of the Sky News After Dark crew. By all means, go further to the right. Hard right. All the way over there, boys. Deny the science harder. Double down on the dumb white male vote. And get ready for your subpoena from a federal ICAC.

Twitter avatar for @JohnBirminghamJohn Birmingham @JohnBirminghamLulz, yeah, Peter Dutton is totally the man to steer the Libs toward a kinder, gentler, greener and more feminized future. I’ll bet those teal voters can’t wait for his transformative leadership.

May 21st 2022

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