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the events in the preceding seven years never happened…..

June 15, 2022 - 12:27 -- Admin

The war in Ukraine has been characterised by misinformation almost from the very beginning. The Western media has shown an amazing capacity for selective memory. Accounts of the war almost always commence with the Russian intervention in the Donbass in February 2022. It is as though the events in the preceding seven years never happened, at least if one relied upon the Western selection as being in any way a representation of actual events.

Let us look at the beginning of this war which began in fact in 2014 with an American inspired coup against the legitimately elected government of Ukraine. There is no question about American involvement in the events of 2014 from day one. No less a figure than Victoria Nuland has openly boasted upon her intervention in Ukraine being largely instrumental in the violent overthrow of the government.


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