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the comic crowd at the theatre tonight — by thomas brown…….

July 3, 2022 - 06:02 -- Admin

THE Play-House is an Inchanted

Island, where nothing appears

in Reality what it is, nor what it

should be. 'Tis frequented by Persons

of all Degrees and Qualities

whatsoever, that have a great deal of

Idle Time lying upon their Hands,

and can't tell how to employ it wor∣ser.


Here Lords come to Laugh, and

to be Laugh'd at for being there, and

seeing their Qualities ridicul'd by eve∣ry

Triobolary Poet. Knights come

hither to learn the Amorous Smirk,

the Ala mode Grin, the Antick Bow,

the Newest-Fashion'd Cringe, and how

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