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all chromium.....

July 23, 2022 - 08:57 -- Admin


This American car is a good representation of US politics: all chromium, heavy and the “best there is” that is to say that it is more cumbersome than an oil tanker, which you need to own in order to feed the caper, every few miles. 


And this is why Jo Biden, the teleprompter-reader of his own senility or childish enthusiasm (take your pick, Dems or GOPs), had to go and crawl in front of the Little Prince Shit Mohamed Whatever to get more oil — which is contrary to the general need of trimming this unfriendly energy source in favour of windmills.


Meanwhile Europe is in the same boat, screaming at the Russians for cutting the gas while not wanting any Russian gas in support of Little Shit Volodymyr. Confused? Fluxed? You should be.  


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