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not happy, volodymyr…..

July 23, 2022 - 11:12 -- Admin

The little nazi jewish mamma boy gets despotic by the minute in order to appear a winner. He’s a loser. Ukraine will eventually be split, like Ireland and England. The ethnic differences ARE NOT COMPATIBLE and this is reflected in the “collaboration” of many Ukrainian people with Russia. But Zelenskyy, a former comedian and somewhat unintelligent TV actor, still plays as if he was in charge of “Ukraine”. Helped by the West in a hypocritical deliberate misunderstanding of history, Zelenskyy has become a dictator who DOES NOT REPRESENT WHAT UKRAINE IS. Ukraine is TWO (in several provinces) COUNTRIES along the dividing line of Galicians and Russians. For all the Western efforts, help and guns, Zelenskyy cannot (and will not be able to) control the “RUSSIAN” part of Ukraine. END OF STORY. 

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