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Perfect Storm – What’s brewing in NSW?

October 4, 2021 - 20:31 -- Editor

The events over the next week in NSW could have massive ramifications for the whole country.

There is a lot going on the NSW at the moment, however, I fear worse may be yet to come.

Glady Berejiklian has become the third NSW Premier to stand down due to an ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) investigation. All three Premiers who have stood down have been from the Liberal Party, with ICAC never making a finding against a Labor Leader.

On Monday we also heard that the NSW National’s Leader and Deputy Premier, John Barilaro has also thrown in the towel.

These are the politicians that stated that ‘pork barrelling’ was OK. Spending taxpayers money as if it were election campaign money was fine and dandy in the government they ran.

However I’m not concerned that the ICAC investigation will see the NSW government rocked as it was by investigations into the O’Farrell Liberal government when 11 Liberal’s resigned in shame. This included two senior Ministers and factional king-pins and Premier O’Farrell himself after the infamous Grange incident. It may well end up that way, but that is not my immediate concern.

Like others, I am concerned about the health care system and its ability to cope.

Next week could bring about a perfect storm, as there are some ingredients that are going to come together at around the same time.

Scott Morrison realised vaccination was a race a while back and thought that the fairest thing to do was to give NSW the lions share of the Pfizer vaccine allowing them to race ahead of other states in vaccination rates. Except with Indigenous Australians as usual.

This headstart/unfair allocation should see NSW hit the magic 70% in around a week. This will see many covid restrictions lifted in NSW despite the high caseload in the community.

Based on the Victorian experience NSW can also expect something else next week. Skyrocketing new case numbers.

Victoria saw a sudden and massive leap in new cases which was the direct result of people holding AFL Grand Final Parties. I think it’s safe to assume we can expect similar in NSW. Some of the footage shown after the ARL Final of people partying in the streets of Western Sydney was pretty scary. The footage I saw was from Mt Druitt, which is a covid “hot LGA’ and showed crowds of around 100 partying on the streets. The only thing that was scarcer than a face mask in the crowd would have been a South Sydney Jersey. I counted two in the footage I saw and one of those was on the back of a blokes head.

I hate to think how many other similar parties were being held across Sydney.

So here we have Australia’s biggest city on the verge of opening up at the same time they expect a huge influx of new cases.

Enter into the scene a new Premier, expected to be Dominic “let it rip” Perrottet.

Berejiklian heads for the witness stand, Perottet to the premiers office

When the Delta variant hit NSW, Gladys eventually went into a partial lockdown, the result of that slow decision saw the virus only spread as far as four other states with Victoria still dealing with the carnage. Dominic Perrottet was one of the most vocal against going into lockdown.

One hopes that a new Premier, easing restrictions, and a drastic rise in case numbers isn’t the trifecta for which the whole nation will end up paying.

If this trifecta does end up the perfect storm we can only hope that the new Premier will err on the side of caution and consider the burden that already exists for his overstretched health system.

Any mistakes at such a critical time will have implications for the whole country.
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