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400,000 hectares stripped of vegetation in Queensland in 2015-16

November 26, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

The world’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef, is both a nursery and feeding ground for colourful tropical marine species and edible fish species – it is part of Australia’s national food bowl.Yet there still appears to be people who fail to understand the importance of vegetated land catchments to sustaining the health of this 2,300 kilometres long reef system.

Can anyone believe anything Australian Human Services Minister Alan Tudge and his motley crew say?

November 24, 2017 - 00:16 -- Admin

The New Daily,  21 November 2017:The Department of Human Services flagged the illegal sale of Medicare details on the dark web almost a fortnight before the illicit trade was exposed in a bombshell media report, The New Daily can exclusively reveal.Internal emails, obtained under freedom of information laws, reveal that department officials discussed the security issue as early as June 22 – nearly t

Another local speaking out against the cruise ship industry coming to the Clarence River estuary

November 24, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

Clarence Valley Independent, Letter to the Editor, 14 November 2017:It is rare for me to get so steamed up that I feel compelled to write a letter to the editor. “Cruise Terminal Slated for Yamba” (CVI 1/11/17). Seriously?Oh, this will be good for business, good for economic development, good for growth! What is it about the human race that they cannot get their minds past the almighty $ sign?

Will you be able to afford your electricity bill this summer?

November 23, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

The Daily Examiner, 22 November 2017, p.5:Power price hikes have tripled wage growth in the past decade and experts fear more NSW families could have their electricity disconnected this summer.New data shows the average electricity bill has jumped a whopping 116 per cent from $1282 in 2007 to $2770 in 2017, while the median wage has grown just 35 per cent from $59,723 to $80,382.The figures, compiled exclusively for The Daily Telegraph by price

Turnbull Government lost its majority in the House of Representatives so canceled the lower house convening for next 13 days

November 22, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

This was the timetable for a functioning democratic Australian Parliament in November 2017:30 October to 12 November – Non sitting days13 to 16 November – Senate Chamber sits17 to 26 November – Non sitting days27 to 30 November – Both Chambers sit, Senate 2/3 Cut Off Thursday, 30 November1 to 3 December – Non sitting days4 to 7 December – Both Chambers sit [my yellow highlighting][]This is how a Liberal-Nationals federal government makes a mo