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70 year-old Australian children's picture books author treated like dirt by Trump Regime

March 3, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

Mem Fox is a retired Associate Professor of Literacy Studies (Flinders University, South Australia) and a well-known picture book author.On 25 February 2017 ABC News reported on her experience of the Trump Regime:Australian author Mem Fox has received a written apology from the United States after what she said was a traumatic detention by immigr

Remember the NSW Premier who need to urgently & immediately retire because he was needed by his family?

March 2, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

On  19 January 2017 then Liberal MP for Manly and NSW Premier Michael Bruce 'Mike' Baird announced that due to serious illness in his extended family he needed to quit politics right now.Despite a generous parliamentary pension calculated on 9 years & 10 months as a member of parliament, 7 years as a shadow minister, over 4 years as a minister and 2 yrs, 9 months & 7 days as state p

The American Resistance has many faces and this is just one of them (4)

March 1, 2017 - 00:15 -- Admin

United States Federal Election Commission (FEC): Ellen L. Weintraub took office as a Member of the United States Federal Election Commission (FEC) on December 9, 2002.  After an initial recess appointment, her nomination was confirmed by unanimous consent of the United States Senate on March 18, 2003.  Commissioner Weintraub has twice served as Chair of the Commission, for calendar years 2003 and 2013.