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The legendary journeys

April 23, 2018 - 21:02 -- Admin

I was going to blog at Blunty about that 12 year old boy from Sydney who had a fight with his mum, lifted her credit card, tricked his nan into handing over his passport, and booked himself on a fight to Bali, via Perth.

But I decided not to, since there's no way they'd let me write: WHAT A FUCKING LEGEND!

Seriously, this kid had to pull off some Jason Bourne level subterfuge and intrigue to make this happen. He researched which airlines would carry him with just a passport and student ID, and he booked himself into a swank hotel at the other end, telling them, he was 'checking in early' and his sister would be along to join him soon.

He's done a six hour flight across the continent, plenty of time to rethink, and he's landed in Perth, gone, "Nah, fuck it," and powered on to Indonesia. I've done that flight. You land after midnight in third world madness. This kid has shrugged it off and stayed on mission.

If ASIS don't have him signed up for an internship yet there is something wrong.

Seriously glad he's not my kid... and yet, you have to admire his opsec and mad org skillz.