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Thinking of getting a new keyboard. By... Microsoft

August 30, 2018 - 17:11 -- Admin

Look! It's not that I don't love my Apple Extended keyboard. I do. I really do. But with Dragon borking itself in the last major update I've been typing more often than dictating, and I'm starting to feel it.

Been thinking I should try an ergonomic keyboard and most of the reviews point to this badboy from the orc foundry at Redmond.

It is just about the most un-Apple thing I've ever seen, and I would be mortified were Johnny or Tim ever to find out I'd defiled their virgin USB slots with it's nasty little plug.

But until Dragon releases an unfucked version of its dictation software, I'm in a bind. I have a shit ton of writing to do in the next 12 months and I'd like to finish it without reducing my limbs to withered T-Rex claws.