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The failure of my savings plan

February 19, 2019 - 14:23 -- Admin

I used to keep a bucket by the front door. No. Not that sort of bucket, you moron. That bucket we kept on the coffee table in the lounge room of the share house, every share house, I Iived in. No, this other bucket came later, after marriage and children and the sudden but related decline in my readily available funds.This bucket was my savings plan.Every time I"d come home with coins in my pocket I"d toss them in there. It was a small, red plastic pail of the sort you"d take to the beach to make a sandcastle with children. If I did nothing to curate the stream of coinage, the bucket would usually top out at somewhere around seven or eight hundred dollars. But if I was smart and culled the fifty cent pieces, the final value could get up near twelve or even thirteen hundred bucks. Those old fifties seemed to offer the least value for volume.I"d fill that bucket on average every nine months. It was a great way to pay for Christmas.But I have not filled my bucket in many years. This is not a metaphor.I just don"t get that many coins anymore...

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