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Writing in cafes is bullshit

March 28, 2019 - 12:56 -- Admin

I"m currently sitting in one of my favourite coffee joints. Pourboy in south Brisbane. (Okay, I guess I'm not any sitting there anymore cos I wrote this hours before posting it). You might have seen me rave about their croque monsieur because their croque monsieur is fucking awesome.

I find myself here once or twice a week during the school year because I drop Thomas nearby to a bunch of extracurricular stuff before class starts. Pourboy is a great place, but there"s a reason I"m writing this blog post and not the book chapter I should be working on right now. Pourboy is too good. It"s popular and crowded and noisy and I don"t know how any of these pretend bullshit writers and poets and citizen journalists ever get anything done in all of these fucking cafes they seem to live in because... GAH!

It"s busy here.

Funny thing is, it"s not usually this busy when I come through because I get here about 6.30 in the AM. It"s now just after nine, and I"ll be here a while longer while I run down the clock to an interview at the ABC studios down the road.

I brought in the new iPad, thinking I"d get some work done, and I did, but nothing heavy or deep. Not the book chapters I have due, or the TV script I"m working on. Nope. This ain"t the place for that. I avoided getting caught in a social media spiral, so yay for me, I guess. But I"ve been here for nearly two hours now and I"ve basically been triaging emails, writing short blog posts, and knocking over chickenshit admin that I"d leave until it was way too late if I was at my desk.

Given all that, I suppose it hasn"t been a complete write off. In a way it"s been kind of instructive. I"ve been thinking a lot recently about the unconscionable waste of time that Twitter has become (and Facebook always was). I"ve been thinking about how I always mean to blog regularly but never quite build up the head of steam to keep it going because I"m so fucking busy during my writing day that I can"t justify spending time on the Burger. And when I down tools at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is more writing.

I wonder then if the thing to do might be to carve out a little time in the early morning a couple of days a week, to do the stuff I"ve been forced to do here today by all these noisy fuckers invading my normally quiet coffee shop.

I"ve come back around to the idea that social networks are poison. That it"s not just the nazis and the advertising and the advertising for Nazis. It"s the very nature of the thing, the way these platforms are engineered to destroy people"s concentration, to lure them into mindless scrolling, and swiping and liking and kommunting. They are also, of course, intellectual property traps. Everything you post on Facebook belongs to the Zuck. Everything. And the original deal the Book made with artists, that the creators would provide content and the Zuck would gather the audience, that"s long gone. Now you provide the content AND you pay for access to the audience.

I"ll admit, it"s a lot of thinking, for a morning coffee stop to fill in some time. But I dont often get the time to sit and think. Even if I can barely hear my own thoughts.

I should do more of it.