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The 2019 Federal Election Wrap-Up, Politics For Sale, And Parliament 46

June 7, 2019 - 13:47 -- Admin

Apologies if our 2019 Election Wrap-Up special episode is late but we had to wait until every postal vote had been received and counted, and see if there was any sign of a late swing. Of which, there was none.

The Liberal–National Party has been returned to government for a third consecutive term and we really cannot think of a more undeserving government.

But, that’s democracy in action: the electorate chose more of the same, and it seems they couldn’t stomach the idea of Bill Shorten as Prime Minister of Australia.

Was it Bill Shorten, or were there other factors in play? Elections are never won or lost on just the one issue, and we think it was a combination of media indifference to Labor, too many policy targets, and the small matter of $80 million worth of advertising racked up by Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

The Liberal–National Party won the social media infowars – by a long shot – and it’s an issue all parties will need to look at in future elections.

The opinion polls were completely wrong, and it’s a niche industry that will need to redefine itself if the public is to ever take polling seriously again. Labor has a new leader – Anthony Albanese – and we think he will be a fine match for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

We’ll be providing more analysis post-election – that is, if we are allowed to report on these matters, and avoid scrutiny from the Australian Federal Police.