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A plea

January 4, 2020 - 11:42 -- Admin

I only know a couple
of people who I know are members of the Liberal Party, and one of them
suggested that Aboriginal Australians should be gathered together and ‘done
away with’. I have no doubt that almost everyone else in the Liberal Party
would be as outraged as I was upon hearing such a statement, and that should
their party leadership make such a statement, they would be unable to support it
any further. However, there are many policies of the Liberal Party which while
nowhere near as disgusting, they are still having a deleterious impact on the
poor, the unemployed, the young, the old, asylum seekers and those wanting a
future on a habitable planet.

This is a plea to
moderate members of the Liberal Party, if indeed there are any remaining in
parliament. I plead that if you are a member of the Liberal Party, and realise
that scientists are not idiots and are not involved in a conspiracy, please
help us get rid of your climate change denying Coalition government. If you
know that your government has no real plan for coping with such a catastrophic fire
season as this one, let alone coping with climate change, please help us get
rid of them. If you know that at least the northern part of the Barrier Reef is
doomed because of heating of the oceans, please help us get rid of them. If you
think it is unreasonable to keep two adults and two young girls on Christmas
Island at the cost of many millions of dollars, please help us get rid of them.
If you realise that having Newstart at a level which hasn’t been increased
substantially for decades, is just a way of punishing the poor, please help us
get rid of them. If you realise that several of your members of parliament are
so mired in corruption, that they will eventually bring all of you down, please
help us get rid of them. I could list many more items which demonstrate that
the Liberal Party will end up being on the wrong side of history, and for which
many of them will face some sort of judicial reckoning. If you are a moderate
Liberal member of parliament, please make sure you end your parliamentary
career as a hero and not a criminal.

You need to realise
that there comes a time where integrity counts, despite the fact that it may
lead to you losing power. Being in thrall to Gina Rinehart, Rupert Murdoch and
other billionaires and millionaires is not something that will be looked upon
fondly when this all comes crashing down, and criminal charges for corruption,
crimes against humanity and perhaps even treason are being suggested, or when
the pitchforks start being waved around. And it will come crashing down
because, as Richard Flanagan said: “A corrupted, sclerotic system incapable of
the change needed, surviving only by and through a dull repression of dissent
and dissenters can, nevertheless, seem eternal – until the hour it crumbles. At
some point something gives. Something always gives. The longer the impasse, the
more denied the common voice, the greater and more terrible that future
moment.” That moment is rapidly approaching.