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The Sturm's next move

December 17, 2019 - 06:10 -- Admin

I had a chat with Jason yesterday about the outline for the next book in the The Cruel Stars series, a draft of which is due with the publishers at the end of January.I already knew in broad terms where I wanted to go. One thing holding me back, however, was wondering where the Sturm might go.Those who read TCS will recall they got a ferocious arse kicking from Hardy & McLennan and Co at the end of the first book. But the Sturm, I can assure you, have more than enough arse to absorb the kicking.There"s no question about what our heroes have to do next. Get the fuck out of dodge and re-arm, before ginning up a resistance movement.But what do the bad guys do?At this stage, they"ll keep driving for Earth. Because that"s the mission and the loss of a mere fleet shouldn"t interfere with that. It will take nearly two years to get from the edge of the Greater Volume into the Sol system, where the Sturm"s decapitation strike has wreaked utter havoc. But that"s two years for our guys to get their shit together.McLennan in particular will want to delay the enemy"s advance as long as possible.How he does that is massive spoiler so I won"t go into it here.But in the first instance I am interested to hear from any readers about what they imagine the Sturm might do in response to the loss of Admiral Strom"s 101st Attack Fleet.