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Hey man, it"s my bag

December 16, 2019 - 07:31 -- Admin

I"ve been using the same beaten up shoulder bag for just under twenty years. I picked it up for a trip to the US back 2001, and it"s served me well ever since. Indeed it it gave yeoman"s service just recently in Korea and Hong Kong.

I fear those days are coming to an end though. A couple of small holes have opened up in the corners and I can easily imagine my very expensive Apple Pencil slipping right through one of them.

I"m having a surprisingly difficult time replacing it.

There"s a few things that come come together to make a Goldilocks bag; as in - just right.

It"s not too big, or heavy, and yet in a weird Tardis-like fashion you can fit a lot of stuff into it. My big arse iPad Pro, for instance - with the Smart Cover and bunch of other things. Notebooks. Phone. Wallet. Headphones.

For a wonder there"s also, for such a small, simply designed bag, a surprising number of little pockets and hidden slots for documents, keys, coins, AirPods, Kindles and suchlike.

Stitched together from soft but durable canvas and cut just so, it"s very light and when empty moulds to my side so that I forget I"m carrying it. The strap is wide and fixed directly to the main body of the bag. (Buckles are an abomination, and thin straps the tool of assassins). The main flap seals with Velcro, making it difficult for pickpockets and direct marketers to gain access to the inner volume without my knowing.

I"ve got a new Crumpler coming for Christmas, but I doubt it will replace my much loved and far travelled old companion.