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My year of not complaining

December 12, 2019 - 03:35 -- Admin

I had some thinky time while I was travelling. Getting ten thousand klicks away from your daily routine is good for that. Apart from filing a couple of columns, I didn"t work. Every time my thoughts strayed to work, I lured them away with contemplation of chicken and beer.It cleared my head.One of the first things I resolved to do was spend a lot less time on the Hell Sites of Twitter and Farcebuck, and more time here. There"s no escaping the Hell Sites. I do a lot of business there. But there is a cost, a heavy fucking cost to being there.That led me to my second resolution. If I was going to spool up the engines on the Burger again, I didn"t want to simply repeat here at length, that which I was doing there. Bitching and moaning, basically. Ninety percent of everything online is bitching and moaning now. The rest is cat and dog videos, adverts inserted into cat and dog videos, and shameless self promotion.But mostly bitching and moaning.It"s not just human nature. The platforms have tweaked their software to preference ugliness because like the tabloid editors of yore they have learned that ugliness sells. If it bleeds it leads, as we used to say in the fish wrapping business. Or to update the model, it if enrages it engages.I"ve had enough. We"ve all had enough.I can"t change a damn thing by putting on a happy face, and to be honest, it"s not appropriate given the accelerating collapse of our civilisation and ecosystem. So I"ll still be raging over there.But here I want some peace and quiet. So for the next 12 months I"m going to try a new approach to blogging. Niceness. Gentle humour. Good vibes.In service of this new beginning I"m going to run some of my favourite and most gently written pieces from my old private column, Alien Side Boob.Starting with the piece above. How To Cook the Perfect Steak.