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The Last Burger… until the next one

May 30, 2020 - 15:47 -- Admin

So, I have been quiet, but I"ve been busy. Partly writing books and a new subscription column to make up for a pretty dire collapse in my other income. Thanks Rona! But also, partly building a new blog, or rather a new version of The Burger.

I was having real trouble finding the time to post here because I was so busy everywhere else. It was really getting me down.

I"d also been struggling with what to do about my mailing list/bookclub.

And then I thought.

So, sometime in the next few days, as soon as I get the redirect working at my domain name registry, this site, the old Burger, will pass you through to my shiny new site, the… er… new Burger

I"m moving it over to Substack, which I"ve found very easy to use for the Sideboob column, and where any technical issues are their's to worry about, not mine. Unlike AlienSideBob, of course, the Burger will be entirely free.

I"m planning on doing one long bit every week, mostly about stuff I like. Occasionally about stuff I"m releasing. The model I"m following is Warren Ellis"s excellent Orbital Operations newsletter. But the Burger will remain a blog, so I will post a couple of non-email entries a couple of times a week.

It should clean up a few problems here, such as lost comments and login gremlins, and photo management. The last one only affects me, but the first two have been bugging plenty of you for a while now.

I did give serious thought to just ditching the Burger, but I do like having a private club where I can retreat from the supermassive shitshow that the rest of the web has become.

And so, on we go.