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Nice TCS review at Asimov's.

August 24, 2020 - 13:43 -- Admin

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Thanks to Evan over on my Patreon page for alerting me to this nice write up for The Cruel Stars at Asimov’s.

“While the overall scenario is grim, Birmingham’s characters are anything but… The plot develops logically, with the action seen from numerous viewpoints that give a sense of the scope of the conflict, and the major characters end up working in parallel, if not necessarily together. Birmingham gives the story a verve and momentum that carries the reader along by sheer force, without slowing down to point out the clear parallels with current political movements implicit in his main premise. And to judge from the concluding chapters, this one is the first in a series. Fans of contemporary space opera will find this book a welcome addition to their library shelves. Definitely recommended.”