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Walk the dog, they said. It'll be good for you, they said.

September 1, 2020 - 18:22 -- Admin

After stripping off some weight and adding on some muscle during the early months of the dread Miss Rona’s reign, I went backwards over the last month while I've been pounding on multiple deadlines. An old story, trading fitness for productivity. I wish I could stop doing that, but we all know that I can't.

Anyway, I'd had enough by Monday, and resolved to do something about it. I'm still juggling multiple deadlines. Hoping to finish one of the big ones by Friday. But I thought I could get a head start on regaining my svelte, superhero shape (Shut up you! Stop laughing. Why are you laughing?) by walking down the hill every day for my lunch. And making my lunch a green smoothie rather than a hamburger or a cheese sandwich. And what the hell, since I’m out, I might as well take the dog for a walk as well. She’ll like that. She’ll be ever so grateful.

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So Monday, I hooked up Maggie and set off for the juice shop. It's a round trip of about two and a half kilometres with some pretty gnarly hill work at the start and the end. My Apple watch tells me it's worth about 250 calories. And since the green smoothie tops out at a bit less than that, it was the equivalent of removing a meal from my day. Plus, greens! Where else are you going to get greens in your diet?

The day was warm, the walk was pleasant, the dog was thankful.

So we’re standing outside the green juice place, and I'm waiting on my order. Maggie is behaving herself. There's not that many people around. And no other dogs. It is then a complete surprise to me when she suddenly explodes out of the traps and tears away at warp speed. She was still in her harness and I still had hold of the leash, of course, but all that meant was me getting reefed around through 120° with maximum force. I reckon I could hear all of the cartilage tearing between my ribs as she did it.

So. It might be a while before I get back to more intense exercise. For now I'm working on these deadlines and keeping a hot wheat bag pressed to my side.