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Tiny little stories.

September 28, 2020 - 06:07 -- Admin

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I've always liked short stories, but I never really understood them. I do know that they’re hard to write, harder in some ways than full-length novels. You can't afford to faff around in a short story. Every word has to earn its place, recalling the Mark Twain quote about not having time to write a short letter, so he wrote a long one instead.

Having now successfully used my quiet time during the pandemic to learn how to fold a fitted sheet, I thought I might devote the rest of our long wait for a miracle cure to learning how to do short stories.

Degree of difficulty = similar.

Long term usefulness? To be confirmed.

It would at least let me return to some earlier series like the Disappearance and Dave vs the Monsters without having to commit to the full court press of writing a novel.

For instance, I've long had an idea for a Christmas story involving Dave and Threshy, but I could never justify the time involved in doing even a short e-book. A short story, however, a couple of thousand words? Yeah I can probably manage that.

I figure I can work out the process over on my Patreon page where anybody who wants to learn how to write them can just follow along with me. But I’ll drop some of the finished work over here a little bit later on as well. I like the idea of giving away short stories as a promo tool.

If anybody has any ideas for shorts they'd like to read from series I haven't visited in a couple of years, just let me know. I reckon one of the hardest things about this particular written form is coming up with good ideas in the first place.