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NBN installed

September 28, 2020 - 16:29 -- Admin

Thanks to the Rona we dodged the NBN roll out for a couple of extra months, but the threats and demands to choose a provider kicked off again a few weeks ago, with my perfectly cromulent cable internet slated for cut off in early October.

I foolishly just renewed my current provider, Optus. I realise now I should’ve gone with one of the smaller, bespoke shops like Aussie. Long story short, Optus fucked up the initial install, lied about it, and … yada yada yada. You know what they’re like.

Had an NBN tech arrive on Saturday to do the first half of the install. That was a surprise, realising that like football it was a game of two halves. He, thankfully, was all over it. Put the NBN box in, and hooked my Optus router up to it - even though I was supposed to wait for one of their techs to do that.

Suspect I’d be waiting for them well after the cable cut off date.

First impressions are okay. Download is no faster, but upload is notably better.

We’ll see how it rolls when everyone is hooked up and smashing Netflix.