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Destroyed by Umberto Eco's crazy Escher print book warehouse.

January 20, 2021 - 21:20 -- Admin

Lobes sent me this mind blowing vid on the Twitz this morning. Umberto Eco looking for a book in his personal library.

Doesn't sounds like much, but just watch.

Ted Gioia @tedgioiaI once got to meet Umberto Eco—who was very memorable. But this film clip of him tracking down a book in his personal library makes him seem all the more impressive.

January 19th 2021

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Until I watched Eco's long walk through the infinite folds of his origami book fortress I thought my library mojo was pretty good. We built two when we renovated, one upstairs for the fam and one that does double duty as my office.

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And here’s old Sophie enjoying the rug in the upstairs book nook. She loved to lie in there in the morning when the sun spilled in their back door.

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But of course, fucking Eco could hide a whole pack of dire wolves in his library and you'd never know.

Honestly, this is worse than that time Vargas Loser stole my Nobel Prize.