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The island of deliverance

January 27, 2021 - 18:42 -- Admin

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I finally (Finally!) reached that part of The Shattered Skies manuscript where I can actually see the end. About two months and 30 000 words later than I planned for.

That’s the thing. Because I like to plan the book these days I ‘know’ what the end is before I’ve written the first word, but that’s not the same as seeing it looming over the horizon. The first sighting of land in the vast ocean of a long deadline.

All of the dread and doom-weight of dragging my arse through the doldrums suddenly lift and I can legitimately imagine myself finishing this sucker in a day. I won’t of course. Because other shit will get in the way.

But today I saw the island of deliverance and it was magical.

I haven’t been blocked. I haven’t been facing around. I’ve been doing an average of two thousand words a day.

But finally (Finally!) I can see the last page.