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Online book drinks.

May 6, 2021 - 07:43 -- Admin

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I did a fun gig last night, a book club meeting over Zoom. It was for Melbourne's Nova Mob which has been around for decades, they told me. I can't remember whether it was 50 years or 80 years but it was a whole heap of years. I think it's the first book event I have done since the dread Ms Rona sashayed into our lives, and its for sure the first one I've done via video.

Gotta say, I enjoyed it more than having to pull my pants on and actually leave the house. I poured myself a nice big glass of red wine, and logged on about 10 minutes early just to check the connections. They were all good, and away we went. They asked questions, I answered them, I did a little reading from The Shattered Skies, and after nearly two hours we wrapped it up. Good fun, and they had people logging on from all over the country, not just Melbourne.

It did make me wonder how much of the necessities imposed on us by the pandemic will survive once it recedes. (Assuming some variant doesn't kill us all in a Stephen King style epilogue). I think a lot of businesses are going to give up their expensive CBD offices, but I also think that space will be repurposed. I'm kind of more interested in behaviours. Weirdly enough I've never been somebody who's much interested in going out to book events, but I know there is a whole cohort of people who are. I don't know whether they’d be satisfied with online substitutes, but my gut feeling is probably not. I guess if I had to lay a couple of bucks on the barrelhead I'd wager on the old ways coming back, but the new ways hanging around.