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Booked my first Covid jab

May 19, 2021 - 16:39 -- Admin

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I had to go into the doc to get a couple of skin spots checked today and she asked if I’d like to book in for an Astra-Zeneca shot. I’m like, sure. I’m not much fussed by all the media’s blood clot bullshit because its total bullshit. I had my flu shot two weeks ago and the chances of dying from that are much greater. But still vanishingly small.

Interesting side note. Who I lived in Bondi my GP told me every year about his father-in-law who had indeed died from a reaction to the flu vaccine. Just before he gave me my flu vaccine.

Anyway, the main precaution I took was to book it on a Friday so that if I feel crook, which is likely, I can just put my feet up for a couple of days.

It was telling though that I had to book four weeks ahead. The surgery is only getting 50 doses a week. Meanwhile, NSW is opening a second mass vax centre. And I read reports of the one in Victoria being largely unattended.

The clown show rolls on.

I’ll be glad to have it though. I picked up a cold last week and it was a pain in the arse treating it as though I could be Patient Zero of the next outbreak/lockdown.