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Just one wafer thin narrative slice?

June 14, 2021 - 16:55 -- Admin

I just spent the afternoon plotting and scheming out my next 12-18 months, which is something I do after a big deadline. Two of them in this case. The major edit of The Shattered Skies, and finalising a new series for Audible.

WW3.1 now moves up into my primary project slot, which means it gets the best of my attention for about four to five hours in the morning, Monday to Thursday. (Friday is for ranting over at ASB). This series will probably remain my primary until all three novels are finished in the next twelve months

Tweaking a screenplay for Weapons of Choice gets the afternoon slot. When that’s sorted in a couple of weeks, I move onto a TV series pitch for The Cruel Stars.

One thing I’ve learned, and forgotten, relearned at great pain, again and again, is that I’m not very good at multi-tasking. I’m way more productive (and my ‘product’ is much better) when I fix on one main thing and only one. Had this kick me in the head again over the last fortnight as I tried to juggle about five projects and a slow motion, month-long asthma attack. Good times.

But wait. What is going on with that ‘second’ project in the afternoon then? Because once I’ve burned four or five hours on a big novel in the morning, my brain is just ashes and dust. By switching to a new story in a different format, like screen writing, I get a small recharge. But only for a couple of hours. Nothing like that major balls to the wall writing sesh in the AM.

After that it’s all BAS forms and invoices.

It’s probably why I’ve become so desperately keen to throw myself into another Smith and Cady romance. I am booked out with contracted commitments for the next 18 months. I can pretty much tell you exactly what I will (or should) be working on every day until the end of 2022.

And my friends, I chafe against it.

Surely just one little time time-traveling romance wouldn’t hurt?

Just one?

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