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3AW: Radio for the stupid

August 1, 2021 - 13:06 -- Admin

When Gladys Berejiklian lied about nobody beating the Delta variant before, some people pointed this out well before I did. Unfortunately, nobody in the media scrum at the time did1. This is symptomatic of the lack of ability of so many journalists in Australia. As if to emphasise the incapability of those who call themselves journalists, Neil Mitchell has now raised this inability to a level that beggars belief. Mitchell is one of the radio shock-jocks at 3AW in Melbourne and after it was pointed out that Berejiklian’s assertion was a lie, he posted a tweet which should go into the annals of idiocy peopled by such paragons of stupidity as Alan Jones2,3, Caroline Overington4,5, Craig Kelly6, Gerard Rennick7 and others too numerous to mention here. Mitchell’s tweet said: 

“Please don’t accept blindly this spin that it is the second time we have beaten delta. The previous challenge was overwhelmingly kappa with a handful of delta that really spread nowhere.”8

He seems to believe that the outbreak of the Delta variant in Victoria was somehow inhibited by the Kappa variant, an assertion at which I am sure many epidemiologists would be surprised. It is difficult to understand what must have been going through Mitchell’s mind, such as it is, beyond pure hatred of Daniel Andrews for the latter’s defeat of two outbreaks of the Delta variant. I find it difficult to understand how someone such as Mitchell can hate someone so much that they will make a complete fool of themselves. All outbreaks of the Delta variant have started with one or two infected people. The outbreak to which Mitchell refers (the first Delta outbreak in Victoria) was detected when four people tested positive for the Delta variant1, whereas the Delta outbreak in New South Wales apparently came from a single limousine driver picking up the virus from international aircrew9. The Delta outbreak in Victoria had been stopped in a little over four weeks1, while the Delta outbreak in New South Wales was detected when the limousine driver tested positive on June 16th. It is now six weeks later and infection numbers still seem to be climbing. The fact that Mitchell interprets the Victorian outbreak as not a real outbreak because it “spread nowhere” is astonishing in its stupidity. Logic is clearly not something with which Mitchell is familiar.

Perhaps the best reply to Mitchell’s idiotic tweet came from David Milner from The Shot10  (which I can highly recommend). He replied with: 

“Spreading it nowhere is literally the point. That’s the entire f***ing idea.”11

In pointing out the stupidity of Mitchell’s comment, I think that just about says it all.