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Entitlement in spades

September 13, 2021 - 10:00 -- Admin

The incredibly vacant and entitled Tony Abbott has been fined $500 dollars for not wearing a mask. A random law-abiding beachgoer grabbed her phone and took several photographs of Abbott when he was out and about maskless in Manly. Of course, he complained that he was “well within the law, reasonably interpreted”. Abbott, in all his magnanimity said he would not challenge the fine because it would waste police time1. How gracious of him, given that his pension is almost $300,000 per annum2. 

Of course, Abbott was disturbed and “never thought dobbing and snitching was part of the Australian character”1. It is funny that he didn’t realise this when, in 2015, he set aside $1 million for a new hotline that urges members of the public to dob in drug dealers3. Earlier this year, the Morrison government decided to establish a hotline for employers to dob in unemployed Australians who refuse job offers4. So, dobbing only seems to be a problem when it is a Liberal being dobbed in.

To cap off Abbott’s idiocy, he followed all his self-pity and resentment with: “I think as soon as we can leave this health police state mindset behind us, the better for everyone”1. This is the same sort of drivel spat out by the verminous Nationals MP George Christensen in his infamous, lunatic speech to parliament and for which he was censured. He said: Our posturing politicians [and] the sensationalist media elite and the dictatorial medical bureaucrats need to recognise these facts and stop spreading fear”. He added that “we have to accept” that, like the flu, people will die from COVID-19 but “what we should never accept is the systematic removal of our freedoms based on zero-risk health advice from a bunch of unelected medical bureaucrats. Open society back up! Restore our freedoms! End this madness!”5

It almost goes without saying that Christensen was lying when he said masks and lockdowns don’t work. There are numerous peer-reviewed studies which show that masks are effective in reducing the spread of Covid-19, some from as long as 18 months ago6-8. Italian researchers concluded that lockdowns were effective in reducing the number of new cases in the countries that implemented them, when compared with countries that did not”. Another research paper studied the varying levels of lockdown in Italy and found that less rigid lockdowns did not decrease mobility enough to stop a Covid-19 outbreak, while a tighter lockdown led to a decrease in mobility enough to bring down transmission quickly such that the epidemic could not be sustained5. New Zealand and Victoria learnt this lesson but New South Wales did not.

To get this sort of drivel from Tony Abbott is unsurprising as he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and attaching himself to the ‘unelected experts’ bandwagon driven people of the ilk of George Christensen is something he has done before9.  It is this idiocy I have previously railed against in noting that “it was unelected experts who detected and analysed the Covid-19 virus, and determined that it was a coronavirus like that which caused the SARS pandemic. It was unelected experts who sequenced the genome of the various strains of the virus to help track the origins of outbreaks”10. Indeed, it is unelected experts around the world who have developed the several vaccines which likely will be shown to have saved many millions of lives, and it is unelected experts who have worked out how to manufacture them in huge quantities, and it is unelected experts who will inject it into anyone who wants it. Conversely, it was unelected and elected non-experts who stated that this disease was no worse than the seasonal flu, or that masks and lockdowns don’t work.

One thing of which you can be sure, and that is Tony Abbott will have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine developed, manufactured and injected by those unelected experts. He feels entitled and if a few hundreds or thousands of people die, he won’t care; at least he won’t have to wear a mask.