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Sleeper Agent

September 14, 2021 - 16:57 -- Admin

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I’ve always loved the ‘sleeping killer’ genre of stories. Jason Bourne and The Long Kiss Goodnight are obvious examples from the world of spies. Arnie gave it a sci-fi touch up with Total Recall and Summer Glau took the idea out for a spin with the character of River Tam in Firefly/Serenity. The opening par of Without Warning, with Caitlin Monroe lying abed in a Paris hospital, not sure for a moment who she is, brushes by the concept.

Earlier this year, before things went a bit pear-shaped on JB World, I got a chance to do my own version of the sleeping killer trope for Audible. A new story, and hopefully a whole new series, called SLEEPER AGENT.

(Just as an aside, it says a bit about how the industry has been going these last few years that some of the more interesting experiments with new models of publishing have been coming out the audio-first realm, rather than traditional print houses. If you’ve got an Audible membership, this bad boy is free. You don’t even need to spend a credit).

Like TLKG, Sleeper Agent starts off in small town America. Like The Bourne Identity, the inciting incident is a moment of kinetic violence. And, like the other stories mentioned above, things do get a little sci-fi down the deep end.

It’ll be a year and a half before you can ‘read’ it, but if you’ve got an Audible account it’s your’s for free right now.

Sleeper Agent on Audible.