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What to cook first?

September 25, 2021 - 07:40 -- Admin

We've been preparing the way for the delivery of my Big Green Egg. Mostly that’s meant a lot of painting and oiling out on the front deck where it's going to go. We get good airflow out there and it’ll be protected from the elements. Plus I like the idea of my smoky pork butts wafting their delicious smokiness all over the neighbourhood, and the extra elevation will help with that.

For myself, however, most of the prep has meant disappearing down a YouTube spiral of barbecue videos; some of them basic instructional pieces about how to set up and how to manage temperature and smoke quality. But my faves are the barbecue nerd cooking videos. There's about half a dozen of them that I’ve become addicted to, and in particular Malcolm Reed’s How to Barbecue Right channel. He seems to have hundreds of ways of cooking the same set of ribs and burgers and joints over and over again. He also has a really soothing, almost narcotising delivery. Indeed most of the barbecue guys are like this. They are my new chill out music. Mellifluous southerners being mellifluous about burgers and spare ribs. When the world gets too much I just plug into one of these podcasts and let it blot out the crazy.

I even wonder sometimes whether barbecue might even be the cure for what ails America politically and culturally. But I guess the vegans would have something to say about that. Sigh.

Anyway, once I've got everything set up in my first big choice is going to be what to cook straight off the bat. I should probably just do something I've done a dozen times before like Bangkok chicken. But I'm really thinking about getting my butcher to make me up some smokehouse burger patties so I can knock these bad boys out of the park.