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Conan needs an ultra wide monitor.

September 27, 2021 - 12:18 -- Admin

What is best in life Conan?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women!

What is best if you can’t do that because of quite serious legal constraints and an inconvenient cultural prohibition against warlordism?

Hmm, probably just to drive everyone from your home office and give it a tidy up…

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…But beware, you will have to find alternative set up for them in whatever digs they have taken over.

And so I find myself searching for an ultra wide monitor for Jane, who has decamped from the second desk in my man cave to a rather nice corner of the house which was previously used as a guest bedroom. With the Rona making work-from-home not just a writer thing anymore the time had come to switch up a few things around here.

There’s a nice office couch coming that will be fine as a guest bed maybe one week of the year, and a couple of disgracefully cheap PC monitors to plug into a work tablet in the new room. But looking at those things sitting on top of a couple fat hardbacks gives me hives.

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I really want to replace them with one ultra wide screen where she could throw all of her thinky legal mumbo jumbo. I can’t decide on 34 or 49 inch though. I think she’s rockin’ a couple of 24 or maybe even 21 inch screens at the moment, so 34 wouldn’t strictly replace the real estate, but I wonder if consolidating on one ultra wide display would bring some sort of… I dunno, visual synergies or efficiencies or something, even if the math was in deficit.

Would a 49 inch battleship be too much on that desk, you think?

Or would a 34 inch cruiser just not deliver the punch?

(This, by the way, is why I prefer Apple’s aesthetic despotism. ‘No choices for you!’)