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Watched Foundation on the, er, big screen.

September 28, 2021 - 07:13 -- Admin

Or bigger, anyway.

I’ve fallen into the habit of watching most of my stories on my iPad. I’m rockin’ a big ass Pro so it’s very nice. I haven’t fallen so far as to watch anything in bed yet, but at some point in the past I broke my own rule about no video in the library.

I mean, the TV room is at least thirty metres away. And there’s even a set of steps to walk down. So you can see my dilemma. But with Foundation promising some epic big-screenishness I gathered up all my energy and dragged my lazy butt down there.

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This isn’t a review post. I enjoyed the two eps I watched and will be back for more. It’s not a perfect show, unlike Ted Lasso. It’s not even a perfect or faithful adaptation - although there are so many narrative flaws in Asimov’s idea-driven opus that a truly faithful adaptation would make for really terrible TV.

I’ll do some thinking on the show after next ep, but watching it on my humungous telly I was struck by something I don’t really understand. Holding an iPad in my hands, the screen fills as much if not more of my visual field as the big honking Sony hanging from the wall. And yet… the Sony feels like it’s the more, I dunno, visually overwhelming experience?

The same way that a real cinema screen does, even if its filling not more of the ‘seen world’ than an iPhone held a foot away.

I’m not sure why, and wouldn’t know where to begin a search to find the relevant research. (I’ll bet there is some).

But it’s made me realise I should really get off my arse and watch more TV on the TV.