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Nippers training for old blokes.

October 9, 2021 - 08:28 -- Admin

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I really liked this bit at the ABC about the New York Times’ Australian Bureau Chief Damian Cave finding a few things out about himself on the beach at Coogee.

Both he and his wife are former war correspondents, so not naturally nervous types, but they realised that they’d become helicopter parents in New York…

As he watched both his kids in their new endeavours, he saw a sense of self-satisfaction growing within them, as well as a new lightness in the way they moved through the world.

It made him proud. It also made him curious to see whether he could follow their lead.

So, when his son encouraged him to take part in the Bronze Medallion adult lifeguarding courses, Mr Cave saw an opportunity.

At first, he found the training both physically gruelling and deeply frustrating. His body, which he describes as a kind of "marvel of inefficiency", refused to be brought into line.

But, as his new routine took hold, he began noticing small but meaningful shifts in himself.

The physical intensity of the training heightened his senses, both during the sessions and beyond. It helped him to feel more present in his daily life and take pleasure in mundane tasks like cooking dinner, something that he once found burdensome

It’s a nice piece, lovely really, about the things you see from the outside.

Whole thing is here.