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November 22, 2021 - 19:35 -- Admin


Matt Canavan is a National Party senator from Queensland and such an outspoken voice for conservatism in Australia, he is even frequently at odds with the Morrison government.

Fitz: Who’s your political hero?

MC: Winston Churchill because he so effectively stood up for what he believes in and also his malleability: I suppose he was in every party basically for 50 years and was successful in them all.

Fitz: Okay, but when you vaunt Churchill’s malleability that makes it sound like you’re not totally wedded for the next 30 years to the Nats?

MC: I think I’ve used up my metamorphoses in that regard. I was a communist at uni, then I joined the Liberals, and then when I went to work for Barnaby Joyce, I got to know the National Party and really liked their outlook.

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