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Include and compromise — don’t divide and conquer: Tendrils of Hope from Australia.

May 27, 2022 - 23:21 -- Admin

I really enjoyed this conversation with my friend Peyton Bowman which celebrates the possibility that Australia might be able to show the world how to push back against the Trumpian madness.

We tried to turn Peyton’s lack of inside knowledge of Australia’s electoral system into a feature rather than a bug as I used the conversation to explain to him (and to myself!) the significance I saw in the recent election of a new Labor Government.

I think Australian culture and two specific features of our electoral system make it easier for our politicians to govern from the centre. Now the triumph of a number of independents from the wealthier, previously conservative voting suburbs of Australia’s big cities has swung the pendulum back towards the centre and opened up new opportunities, not just for the country, but for each of us.

And I explain my own plans for making a small contribution to a new and better Australia.