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$WTF 125 Show bag.

July 8, 2022 - 09:18 -- Admin

When I was a kid my rich cousins used to get all the good show bags. I’m still seething with envy decades later. But discovering that (1) the most popular show bag is a now $3 Bertie Beetle sampler and that, (2) Lindt takes the piss with a HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE DOLLAR offering, makes me feel a little better.

If a terrible chocolate beetle is number one, then obviously a new generation of children is feeling just as poorly done by as I did.

And who the hell drops a tonne plus on a Lindt bag? You can get that stuff discounted most days at Woolies. And you don’t have to pay $50 at the front door to get in.

God, I sound like my dad now.

Anyway. The ABC has the drop.

Keen-eyed fans of Brisbane's annual agricultural show have already spotted an increase in the price of the event's cheap and popular bag.

The Bertie Beetle bag, which previously cost $2 for six Bertie Beetle chocolates and three Red Ripperz, will now command two gold coins at $3 a pop.