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Saturday Protein

July 9, 2022 - 13:39 -- Admin

Saturday is my morning off work and exercise. Jane has a swim but I just go for a walk around West End. The markets are on at the footy club so I normally strap on the mask and head to this little Philippino food stall for some chicken on a stick. (Or pork if the dirty bird has run out).

I was having some trouble hitting my Saturday protein goals until I happened upon this cunning plan. Now I just neck a couple of these bad boys, and walk to the cafe where I meet the swimmers for breakfast. Or second breakfast if you want to get pedantic about it.

These things are awesome. Crunchy at the extremities, juicy in the middle. The flavors don’t really go with the coffee, but the skewers take a few minutes to cook over the coals so I normally finish the brew before I get to the sticks