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The water bottle war.

July 11, 2022 - 15:20 -- Admin

Three empty water bottles are sitting in my kitchen sink. They have been sitting there for at least four days. I don’t know how long they will sit there, but they might make it through to the heat death of the universe. I took the empty water bottles out of the refrigerator the other day because they were, as you may have gathered, empty.

I can’t say who keeps putting empty water bottles back into the fridge because I haven’t caught them in the act yet. But I will; believe me, I will.

In the meantime, I have resolved never to fill these water bottles again. Not until somebody else does.

Jane asked me the other day whether the water bottles in the sink were part of my ongoing war against the children, a war I declared when the issue of the empty water bottles in the refrigerator became intolerable. Intolerable, I tell you.

I confirmed, yes, that was the case.

She nodded and moved on.

Did I mention that the water bottles remain in the sink?

I noticed this afternoon that Thomas was filling water bottles, at this very sink! But they were not the correct water bottles. He has placed within his possession several other water bottles.

I almost said to him, “Why are you filling those water bottles when the other water bottles are in the sink, waiting to be filled?”

But that was not part of my plan and I believe in the plan.

And so I wait, until the heat death of the universe if necessary. I wait for the water bottles in the sink to be filled and returned to the fridge.