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Yes, be weird.

July 14, 2022 - 11:35 -- Admin

There are some surprisingly reasonable and half-decent suggestions in this Grauniad list of simple ways to improve your life. I can't argue with #23, which suggests taking a big drink of water before going to bed after an even bigger night out. It's the best way I know of avoiding a disastrous hangover, other than not drinking in the first place, and what's the point of that?

It's also true, as suggested in lifehack #30, that being polite to rude strangers is oddly thrilling. This I can confirm. I once had to chair a panel at a writers festival on which two out of the three participants numbered themselves among my mortal enemies. I'm pretty sure the organisers put us all on the same stage hoping for a blow-up. I was, however, the nicest, charmingest Mister Fucking Congeliality you could ever hope to meet running your stupid writers festival panel. I praised both of those shitheads to the high fucking heavens and implored everybody to buy their lame, stupid books. Ha. It really put the zap on their heads. I don't think they ever recovered.

But I must disagree with suggestion #17, ‘Don't be weird about stacking the dishwasher.’

There is nothing weird about following the correct dishwasher stacking protocol. Indeed it is absolutely necessary, if civilization is not to collapse, and the coffee cups are to be properly cleaned instead of left crusted with a thick residue of caffeine mud because somebody put a too-large soup pot in the lower tray, stopping the sprinkler arms from turning; somebody, not a thousand miles removed from the same somebody who still hasn't filled those water bottles sitting in a sink.