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"Australian man finds his childhood Matchbox car – five decades after it went missing in England" - The Graun

August 2, 2022 - 11:33 -- Admin

OMG. I felt this story so much. Dude lost his favourite matchbox car, and found it, one the other side of the world, half a century later.

When the Ford Capri disappeared from the shed, Tim always blamed his brother Guy. Toys would go missing from time to time, and Tim assumed that Guy, an “entrepreneur” of sorts, had sold the car.

“I always blamed Guy. And then one day, I was up in my bedroom. And I saw this kid who lives in the next street. And he was in the garden shed and he was taking my toys. I was gutted.

“Then obviously you start growing up and your toys just go into a cardboard box or whatever and you forget about it, but…

But indeed. It’s like a new version of Toy Story. The whole thing is here, and worth a few minutes of your lunchtime.

Reminds me of when I found an old fave after thirty years of absence.

Mine was just in the attic at my parents place, though. Amazing the emotional power which can remain in these things, so long after we last picked them up.