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As expected

November 27, 2022 - 11:20 -- Admin

As expected, the cookers whose favoured conspiracy theorists did not get elected in yesterday’s Victorian election have started their whining about the election process stating that it was fraudulent. I must admit I was surprised that they didn’t simply come out with the Trumpesque ‘stop the steal’ with which their fellow cookers in the US are so enamoured. I realise that these people are exceptionally gullible, but to be so predictable, for people able to pick ludicrous conspiracies seemingly out of their fundament seems counterintuitive.

As well as importing such fraudulent election drivel from the United States, they have also used such phrases as ‘welcome to socialism’ or even ‘communism’ to describe the Andrews government. I realise that this is, for them, just a form of abuse and bears no relation to reality. However, the fact that they could use such terms which have fairly strict definitions simply demonstrates their inability to deal with that reality. Similarly apoplectic at the defeat of the Liberal Party are the Murdoch hacks from the appalling budgie cage liner, the Herald Sun, and from SkyNews. They seemed to be stunned, despite the polls from a day or so ago, indicating that this result was likely.

One online wag tried to take the piss out of the cookers, by stating that it was the Bill Gates chips inserted in people with the Covid-19 vaccine that ‘forced’ people to re-elect Dan Andrews’ government. You have to laugh.