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le general would spin in his grave......

February 28, 2023 - 06:34 -- Admin

The drills’ commander, Nicolas Le Nen, called the war games the return of major military operations to French territory.

More than 7,000 servicemen are currently taking part in France’s biggest military exercise in decades, which is dubbed Orion 23 and is scheduled to be wrapped up in May.

Apart from French soldiers, servicemen from the US, the UK and Spain are involved in the drills that will simulate parachute operations and amphibious landings along the Mediterranean coast.

The operations, which are currently in full swing across the Occitanie region in France, will then move to the Atlantic coast regions of Nouvelle Aquitaine and Brittany. The drills consist of four stages, with the most important Phase 4 expected to see a major air-land "confrontation" between France and a simulated enemy.


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