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going troppo: bending submarines while still bending bananas....

February 12, 2024 - 10:27 -- Admin

The by-now mythical figure of $368 billion for the AUKUS submarine mirage is creating a frenzy. So far, we’ve seen some of those billions go to shipyards in the US and the UK, but now Queensland’s Banana Shire wants their own slice of the action. What’s the scam?


Banana Shire takes AUKUS by storm. What’s the scam?

    by Kim Wingerei |


The scam is the AUKUS Forum. The Forum “brings together industry, academia, researchers, government, and defence […] in a desire to make AUKUS work, and identify the opportunities it presents.” In other words, there’s a big pot of gold, let’s go get our share.

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