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the fraud of fiat moneys in a print cash-as-you-can economy of thieves......

April 2, 2024 - 10:41 -- Admin

Global Economy Collapse: Banking Crisis Is Only Just Getting Started - Brian Rose & James Rickards



Nearly two decades have passed [GUS: 2004 EDITION AFTERWORD] since Hot Money first appeared in print [1983 EDITION]. Since then much has happened, yet little has changed, except perhaps for the worse [THINGS HAVE GOTTEN FAR WORSE SINCE 2004]. To do even partial justice to the panorama of sleaze that has formed the core of recent world financial history would require a small encyclopedia - maybe not so small. However, most of that history consists of variations, grand and petty, on a few larcenous themes already developed in the original text. Those themes were fourfold.


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