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June 30, 2017 - 09:40 -- Admin

Many of you will already know that my dad passed away last week after long and terrible ilness. I wrote about him for BT, but this is a more personal tribute that I'd like to leave here. The eulogy I gave at his funeral:

An old folk saying has it that when a father dies it feels as though half the sky has fallen. This speaks the truth of it.

Holy blazing dragons, it's the Game of Thrones S7 trailer!

May 25, 2017 - 14:20 -- Admin

War! Homecomings! Stabbings! Nude Grey Worm!

The Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer contained so many delights, that of course I must put pen to papyrus and recap the seven hells out of it.

But there was one thing in that 1 minute 35 seconds of glorious GoT bounty that thrilled me more than any other.

“Oh, yes, here she goes again, ranting about Jon Snow like a sad obsessed cat fancier,” I hear you say.


Dark Tower trailer

May 5, 2017 - 12:56 -- Admin

I tried twice to get into this series of books. Oddly, for the King, they just didn't do it for me. But having seen this excellent trailer I might go back for a third attempt. Thanks to Warren for the heads up.