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2022 looks like an ideal time for a government to land re-election

November 10, 2021 - 16:41 -- Admin

At the risk of being political – and politics is important, it will determine how we are governed for the next three years – economic conditions could scarcely be better for a government seeking re-election.

The economic things that matter most to most people are, in my view:

  • jobs – if employment is climbing rather than falling, most people are not at much risk of losing their job

Australia is about to be hit by a carbon tax whether the prime minister likes it or not, except the proceeds will go overseas

November 3, 2021 - 16:38 -- Admin

Ten years ago, in the lead-up to Australia’s short-lived carbon price or “carbon tax” (either description is valid), the deepest fear on the part of businesses was that they would lose out to untaxed firms overseas.

The easy way to rein in Facebook: stop it eating competitors

October 20, 2021 - 11:58 -- Admin

Few of us who have survived the last year aren’t grateful for technology.

Zoom, email, connected workplaces and solid internet connections at home have made it possible to work, shop, study and carry on our lives in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had the pandemic hit, say, 20 years earlier.

But parts of big tech — the parts that track us and drive us to think dangerous and antisocial things just so we keep clicking — are doing us enormous damage.

From October, it will be all but impossible for most Australians to vape — largely because of Canberra’s little-known ‘homework police’

September 8, 2021 - 15:39 -- Admin

After a misstep, it’s about to become illegal to import e-cigarettes without a prescription, which means that, for most Australians, it’ll become all but impossible to vape from October 1.

The misstep tells us a lot about how the Australian government works behind the scenes — most of it good.