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How do we make an ideal society?

December 8, 2021 - 06:00 -- Admin

If you were starting from scratch wanting to build an ideal society, what would you include? My thinking on these subjects leads down many roads, some of which are paved with idealism and the direction in which l head.   Yes, you may find my ideas a touch idealistically romantic, even simplistic, but that’s where…

Punishing the Unvaccinated: Europe’s COVID-19 Health Experiment

December 7, 2021 - 13:09 -- Admin

Forget any notions of juicy carrots; the stick approach of savage punishment is in vogue with the Greek government in pushing vaccination rates. It is far from the only one. Across a number of countries in Europe, governments wishing to drive up levels of COVID-19 vaccination have decided to abandon suasion and the generous supply…

Undermining trust in institutions is a dangerous game to play

December 7, 2021 - 12:21 -- Admin

The longer the Coalition remain in power, the greater their arrogance and disregard for our institutions grows. I don’t expect any better from that idiot George Christensen who recently appeared on the far right wing conspiracy show Infowars spruiking a whole lot of anti-government crap.  He is as mad as a hatter and will be…

The Morrison enigma

December 6, 2021 - 18:00 -- Admin

By Ad astra   It’s becoming alarming. Every day our Prime Minister becomes more verbose, more shouty, more insistent. The old-fashioned word ‘blatherskite’ comes to mind. Listen to him as he fronts journalists, answers questions in Question Time, or delivers his characteristic off-the-cuff oratory on any subject he chooses, from protestors to carbon capture and storage…

If Gladys is a “great candidate”, our country is truly corrupt

December 6, 2021 - 17:33 -- Admin

By TBS Newsbot   Gladys Berejiklian managing to resign in disgrace, face the ICAC and bag a better job is emblematic of Australia becoming more corrupt. Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before, but it seems that yet another public servant mired in political scandal will not only go unpunished, but will…

Let’s be clear, Gladys Berejiklian is being investigated because SHE brought her personal life to work

December 6, 2021 - 11:40 -- Admin

Over the last few days, there has been a full court press by senior Liberals to get Gladys Berejiklian to run against Zali Stegall for the Federal seat of Warringah. This necessarily involves attacking the NSW ICAC for what Scott Morrison described as their “shameful pile-on”. “We have seen plenty of these things and recordings…

Omicron and the Travel Ban Itch

December 6, 2021 - 10:22 -- Admin

Stick to the script: owe that duty of care to your population, so the legal experts in government tell you. Self-interest pays, if in small amounts. These rigid, formulaic assumptions have done wonders to harm and deter any spirit of cooperation regarding dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. History’s record of humanity’s response to plagues, pandemics…

Scott Morrison’s #themtoo moment

December 5, 2021 - 18:01 -- Admin

Scott Morrison’s reaction to the Kate Jenkins’ review was to make it very clear that it wasn’t just his side that behaved deplorably towards women.  Whilst no doubt true, it’s a pitiful comeback which invites a response. Remember in 2011 when Tony Abbott attended an anti-carbon tax rally where he spoke in front of placards…

So, who’s the boofhead, actually?

December 5, 2021 - 15:28 -- Admin

While it may be fair for us, the hoi polloi, to address insults to our politicians because they are unequal to our expectations, it is not so, for those politicians to do the same to each other. We have heard the insult “boofhead” from the leader of the Opposition, Mr Anthony Albanese. It’s not pretty,…