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The ALP – Arguing for a Minimum Program

April 22, 2024 - 11:13 -- Admin

The ALP has long been characterised by internal ideological divisions between self-identifying social democrats and self-identifying socialists. This division has always problematic because there are competing definitions of social democracy and socialism. Sweden has been described both as socialist and social democratic. Democratic socialists always contested the notion that the former Eastern Bloc represented ‘real…

Reflections on the return of the Green Horned Devil.

April 21, 2024 - 23:14 -- Admin

The green-horned devil, “Mother of Dragons”, or 12P/Pons-Brooks, a dirty big snowball, larger than Everest, hurtles into view from the edge of the solar system every seventy-one years. And out. It’s pulled by our sun’s gravity, an invisible vaudeville hook, flashing by the rare blue jewel of earth, a nephrite jade orb and ion streamer…

The paradox of tolerance: do we suppress authoritarians’ speech before they suppress us?

April 21, 2024 - 20:40 -- Admin

The global movement towards authoritarianism took a step forward this week, and faced an experiment in checking its infiltration. In America, a frightening move towards crushing protest was made when the Supreme Court refused to hear the Mckesson v Doe case on liability accruing to protest organisers. In Europe, an international gathering of far right…

A Lot Has Happened While I’ve Been Away…

April 21, 2024 - 17:09 -- Admin

Ok, some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on holiday… Just in case that seems a little egocentric, I’m sorry. It’s just that someone commented about one of my recent contributions that they’d been waiting to see what I made of it and it sort of made me think that there were people…

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Universities for AUKUS: The Social License Confidence Trick

April 21, 2024 - 13:39 -- Admin

“Can we still see universities as places to learn and produce knowledge that, at the risk of sounding naïve, is for the greater good of humanity, independently transient of geopolitical skirmishes?” Wanning Sun from the University of Technology, Sydney, asks in hope. “The history of universities during the Cold War era tells us that it…

The Silent Truth

April 20, 2024 - 06:33 -- Admin

By Roger Chao The Silent Truth In the tumult of a raging battle, beneath the echoing cries, Where shadows merge with fading lights, the silent truth belies. A world not split by borders, nor by rifles drawn in dread, But bound by shared existence, in the spaces tear-stained red.   We gather here as fragments…

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Nuclear Energy: A Layperson’s Dilemma

April 19, 2024 - 21:50 -- Admin

In 2013, I wrote a piece titled, “Climate Change: A layperson’s Dilemma” in which I pointed out the debunked theories of people like Andrew Bolt, Prof Ian Plimer, Tony Abbott, Alan Jones, Barnaby Joyce, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, and others who insisted that climate change did not exist.  Science won the day, proving beyond doubt…

Religious violence

April 18, 2024 - 14:05 -- Admin

By Bert Hetebry   Having worked for many years with a diverse number of people from different ethnic groups and religions, and some with no religion, I was impressed that despite the differences, everybody seemed to get along. Being interested, I asked people about their faith, and found that people held their faith and cultural traditions…